Wednesday, June 8, 2011

The Adventures of Twiggy Bear

Boy, did I have a great first day out! I really liked being with Mama Branch all day today. I could get used to this. We took Twiggy Two and some of her friends from school to the Ft. Walla Walla Museum. They have all kinds of original pioneer homes and other buildings and lots of machines pulled by horses. Mama B really liked seeing original buildings and hearing the stories of the families who lived in them. She doesn't like fake stuff so she enjoyed touching "real" history.

Here I am on a water wagon.

Behind me in this picture are 33 mules that would all work together. We watched a movie that showed them all carefully turning corners so they wouldn't step on any wheat.

Twiggy Two and her friend took me into the jail. I was a little bit scared but Twiggy Two held me tight. Then they closed the door and I could only stick my nose through the food hole. Then I got really scared.

Those pioneers sure could fit a lot of stuff in their wagons. Not sure how they did it!

I didn't want to ride the side saddle since I'm a boy, but Mama B made me.

I begged Mama B to let me sit on the teeny-tiny little seat. She told me it wasn't really a seat, it was a foot rest for the stagecoach driver.

Before we left the museum to eat our sack lunches, Mama B had to stop by the little girls' room. There was no place to put me so this is what she did.

She made me turn around since that what little boys have to do when they're in the girls' bathroom.

I was tuckered out after my big morning so I got to take a nap in the car while the big kids ate their lunches. It was pouring down rain so we got to stop for hot chocolate on the way home.

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  1. Yay, how fun and exciting!!! Good job, Twiggy Bear! ☺