Wednesday, May 30, 2012

The Final Adventure of Twiggy Bear

Guess who is in this box heading overseas today???  You're right!  It's Twiggy Bear.  He's holding a "Welcome Home" photo album that will be shared with Twiggy Four shortly before our arrival to introduce him to his new family.

Click Here to read the post introducing Twiggy Bear, then read about all his adventures last summer.  This summer will be the adventure of his life!!!

We have a little hiccup that could use some prayer.  The child history listed an incorrect birth year so a corrected history is being sent.  We need for it to arrive quickly to catch up with the Visa application and not hold us up.  Thanks so much!!!

Mama Branch

Thursday, May 24, 2012

We have lift off!

The child history arrived on Monday and the Visa application has been filed.  Visa approval takes a couple of weeks then we can book our flights!  We're aiming to leave June 24, with Gotcha Day being June 29, then appearing before the adoption board on July 4. 

Lots to do between now and then!  Childcare is a little easier because our church is having VBS then the next week is Family Camp.   That should help the time go faster for the kids.  This weekend I'll be sanding and painting a dresser for the boys to share.  We hauled a cabinet into their room last night for toy storage.  It's starting to look like 2 boys live there.  Fun!!!

Reality is setting in a bit about having another child and how that impacts all of us.  Please pray for continued peace and trust in God's plan.  Also, Mr. Branch is getting moved to a more stressful position right after our trip which is not fun to think about right now.  I'm having a cervical epidural steroid injection on Tuesday due to some disc herniation that is putting pressure on my spinal column.  We're praying that will give me the pain relief I need to endure the long flights.

So, excitement and a bit of trepidation here.  Thanks for all the support and prayers!!!

Mama Branch

Monday, May 7, 2012

We have approval!!!

We just heard from our agency a little bit ago that we are officially matched with Twiggy Four!!!  WooHoo!!!  Unfortunately the file/child history that we've need to proceed has not yet arrived.  Typically that is before approval, but we're not complaining.  We're just super happy to know that he's officially ours.  As soon as the child history arrives, we can file for his Visa and begin to make travel arrangements.

The other good news is that we were approved for a matching grant for up to $3,000.  God is so good!!!

Praising Him for His faithfulness!!!

Mama Branch (about to be mama to 4)