Saturday, June 18, 2011

The Adventures of Twiggy Bear: Yard Sales

Since tomorrow is Father's Day, we treated Mr. Branch to breakfast at Burger King then we gave him money to go to yard sales.  He likes to find a good deal, and apparently so does Twiggy Three.  He was the first one out of the van and the first one to spend his money.  He even managed to get something for free.  Mama B said he reminded her of her Grandad.  Fun times.... for the rest of the family.  I had to stay in the van because it was raining.  I have my hood on just like they did, but Mama B said I had to stay dry.  Hmph!

Mama talked a lady out of this cute little suitcase.  It was part of a 5 piece set, but Mama only wanted this one to go with the VBS train.

Mama also picked up a very full bin of K'Nex for Twiggy Three and Twiggy Four for $3.  Twiggy Three and Mr. Branch built this Wind Up Ferris Wheel.  Mama can't wait for Twiggy Four to get to play too!

Mama B got a new camera from Mr. Branch for her birthday but she hasn't learned how to use it yet.  Twiggy One is taking a Intro to Digital Photography class this summer and hopefully she can teach Mama some tricks to get better pictures.  Twiggy One's homework this weekend is to take two portraits of family members.  Here she is yesterday trying to get Twiggy Three to cooperate.

Clearly he was more interested in Mama's camera!

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