Wednesday, June 15, 2011

The Adventures of Twiggy Bear: Home Again

Sunday morning I got to see the walnut orchard by the church Mama B grew up in.  She told me Grammy used to send her out to collect the nuts.  Grammy says walnuts are good in just about anything!

 Mama really enjoyed her time at the Anniversary Celebration and being with her parents.  Early Monday she and I began the drive back to Washington.  She told me we would stop at a couple of places we missed on the way down.  The first one was the "shoe tree".  It's a tree that people hang their shoes on.  I wonder why they do that.  Don't they need them?

The second place we stopped was the 45th Parallel.  I have to admit I wasn't really all that impressed.  The land looked the same on either side of the sign.

Mama couldn't finish this trip without one more bathroom picture.  Thankfully she didn't take me in this one! (Mama says no comments on the name.  Grin)

I was kind of sleepy from our long trip and wasn't much company on the long drive home.  Mama was very tired when we finally made it home Monday evening.  She drank so much coffee that she couldn't sleep that night and was quite tired yesterday.  She feels better today (it's her birthday today so that's nice).

Last night some friends helped us set up a train on our church stage for VBS in a couple of weeks.  I mostly played with the kids.  Twiggy Three helped Mr. Branch put the wheels on.

Mama B says she's sorry for the quality of her pictures.  She's not much of a photographer.  Twiggy One is taking a photography summer school class and Mama hopes to learn some tricks.

P.S.  Please consider participating in our fundraiser.  It's free to you so it's a win-win!  Thx!

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