Wednesday, November 30, 2011

The Adventures of Twiggy Bear: Thanksgiving

Last week we all drove to Grammy and PawPaw's house in Northern California.  It was a bit of an adventure since our van decided to quit the night before we left.  Thankfully we were able to borrow a van and the trip went on as planned.  Mama B told me that they rotate which holiday they drive to CA for and this year it was Thanksgiving.  Grammy called it "Thanksmas" since we opened Christmas presents the same day as we celebrated Thanksgiving.

Grammy surprised Mama B with a scrapbook of Twiggy Four's photos.  Photos, you ask?!  Yes, Mama has been a squeaky wheel lately and was able to get some photos of Twiggy Four.  Sorry, but we can't post them online.  Mama would be more than happy to email them if asked.  He is adorable!

Along with the photos came some background information on Twiggy Four as well as his status as a favorite in his ward.  Everyone keeps saying how sweet he is and he's worth waiting for.

So, what is the status of the adoption?  Like I said, Mama has been a squeaky wheel and is hoping to hear something REALLY soon.  She has made contact with a couple of gals in the orphanage who are doing all they can to find out the status of his file.  Everything is slowed down right now because of the flooding.  Mama is praying specifically that we'll hear an update by Christmas...of THIS year!  She prayed the same prayer last year and God answered "no".  She's really hoping He'll say "yes" this year.  It's been a very difficult wait, but Mama can see God working and wouldn't change it.  She had an really neat experience in October that she wouldn't have had if God had said "yes" last Christmas.  So please pray with us that God would move in a mighty way and get Twiggy Four home in 2012!

Thank you for praying for the fingerprint problem to resolve.  Mama was able to schedule their updated fingerprinting to be done after her trip overseas.  Since they had already filed to update their immigration paperwork, it didn't matter if the old fingerprints expired.  Mr. Branch and Mama had a nice date on Nov. 1 driving an hour each way for a 10 minute appointment.