Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Twiggy Bear Arrived!!!

Well, I'm not supposed to post a picture of Twiggy Four online, but I just can't resist letting you all see him holding Twiggy Bear!

Here he is looking at the welcome photo album we sent to introduce him to his new family.  (Don't mind the baby powder on his face.  They do that to help them not feel so sticky in the humidity)

(Click Here to read the post introducing Twiggy Bear, then read about all his adventures last summer.)

Today I sent pictures of our car and how seat belts and booster seats work so he will understand when we head home from the airport.  That's not a real great time to tell him he has to be buckled up (in his country there are no seat belts).  I also sent pictures of some of his clothing and toys that we will take with us.

11 days till we leave!!!  We still can't purchase tickets yet because the Visa approval needs to be forwarded to the US Embassy overseas, but we should be fine.

We had our yard sale this last weekend and we brought in double our goal!  We also reached our goal with our matching grant!  God has been so faithful to provide just what we need when we need it...

Trusting His Care,

Mama Branch