Wednesday, May 30, 2012

The Final Adventure of Twiggy Bear

Guess who is in this box heading overseas today???  You're right!  It's Twiggy Bear.  He's holding a "Welcome Home" photo album that will be shared with Twiggy Four shortly before our arrival to introduce him to his new family.

Click Here to read the post introducing Twiggy Bear, then read about all his adventures last summer.  This summer will be the adventure of his life!!!

We have a little hiccup that could use some prayer.  The child history listed an incorrect birth year so a corrected history is being sent.  We need for it to arrive quickly to catch up with the Visa application and not hold us up.  Thanks so much!!!

Mama Branch


  1. Good luck, Twiggy Bear!!! Have a safe journey!!! ☺ We are so excited about your final adventure, Yay!!!

  2. Woo-hoo!!! Can't wait to see Twiggy Bear again! Praying to our faithful God about all the details...