Saturday, July 2, 2011

The Adventures of Twiggy Bear: VBS

This week at VBS we traveled all around Australia on a train!  I got to be the conductor one time.

Here I am at Bible Study Outback where the kids learned about the life of Peter.  The Chalkie (teacher) in there had great ways to explain how much Jesus loves us.

I almost got wet in this next picture.  Mama B had me sit on the pier and I almost fell in the water!  This was Mission Harbor.  You can see the picture of Sydney Harbor in the background.  The missionary Chalkie in here was very creative with his illustrations of Jesus' love.  Mama B and her co-director said this room had a holy atmosphere.  I'm not sure what they meant and they were crying when they said it.  I liked this room.  Not sure why they were crying.

At Craft Crossing I managed to get stuck in the Moab Tree.  Mama B had to help me down.  That's what Mama's are good for!

Wednesday night Mama put on a carnival for the VBS families but she said I had to stay home.  She said there would be too many people for her to keep up with me.  I was sad but when I saw how much the wind was blowing I was glad I got to stay home.  Mama showed me some pictures though.  I would have liked to see the clown show!  He had a Bible coloring book that colors magically appeared in then disappeared.  He also made lots of balloons...

Mr. Branch got to dunk Twiggy One in the dunk tank.  That must have been lots of fun!

All of us Twigs are getting packed today for Family Camp.  They say it's lots and lots of fun.  We don't have to wait for Mama to call us for dinner.  When the camp bell rings, all we have to do is get ourselves to the dining hall.  Mama says she likes that a lot!  Our cabin has 6 beds...  just right!  Can't wait to post pictures and tell you all about it!

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