Sunday, March 7, 2010

Home from Church/Twiggy One

Twiggy Three has caught Mr. Branch's cold so I'm home from church with him this morning. Mr. Branch had to be at church early to run sound so I took the girls and my brother in law to church then headed to Walgreens. I spent $8 for $41 worth of stuff and will get a $15 rebate. HeeHee! Last week I got 39 boxes of fruit snacks for about $5 (and I still have a $3.50 coupon to spend on my next purchase). WHY on earth do I need 39 boxes?! I kept asking myself that, but it was just too good of a deal and way too much fun!!! I know they'll come in handy while we drive to Disneyland in May, plus it's always nice to have a snack to hand out to hungry friends. And BTW, I only made one special trip out to the store...the rest of the purchases were made while already out and about.

Yesterday the Twiggys participated in the Awana Olympics and did very well. Their teams came in 3rd, but we were proud of their performances and attitudes. While we drove I worked on a knitting project that I've been working on for 1 1/2 years. It's a poncho for me to wear around the house in winter. Obviously I haven't been very good at getting it done, but out of 344 rows, I only have 48 left. I got 12 done yesterday in spite of making a bad mistake and having to take out 2 rows. I really detest taking rows out because I tend to lose stitches and make a mess of it as I try to put it back together. Shhh...don't tell the serious knitters out there. They'd be ashamed of me that I call myself a knitter. Actually I did pretty well yesterday undoing the rows in spite of the bumpy road. You can't even tell I made a mistake.

Alrighty, on to a Twiggy One update. (I think I forgot in Twiggy Two's update to say she's in 3rd grade.) Twiggy One is in 7th grade at the Christian school our church founded. She is a grade ahead of others her age because I started home schooling her at age 4 1/2 since she was asking me to teach her to read. That was in January and we continued the curriculum through the summer so that by the time school started that Fall, she was ready to do 1st grade. She has always kept up with the material. We always planned on transitioning to regular school once she hit middle school so last spring she tested with the school's 6th graders and received flying colors. We were a little worried about how she would transition as well as being a year younger than her peers, but she has done splendidly. She is getting mostly A's and B's as well as having the highest grade in her history class. She is well liked and one wouldn't even know she is younger except that she is shorter. She has to watch her head as she walks down the hallways at school...too many elbows right at head level!

A couple of weeks ago our three nieces spent the weekend with us and Twiggy One took sole care of the 1 year old; even had her sleep in her room and took care of her when she was awake for a couple of hours without getting me for help. She took a babysitting course last year and is finding she's a real natural with children. We try not to take advantage of her too often, but it sure is nice to have arrived at the stage in life where we can have her watch her siblings. And what's really amazing is how well they all do while we're gone. With all the usual fussing that goes on, you would think it wouldn't work but it does.

Twiggy One's activites: Piano, of course. She's just beginning some of the classics. Sure is fun to hear your child playing those. Gymnastics up until last year. She's incredibly flexible so much that I can't watch her do a backbend. Ouch! We couldn't afford the higher classes, so she quit and joined me at my cleaning job where she gets paid. Knitting. She recently made a baby hat for one of her teachers and had to use 3 needles to make it circular. That's a bit tricky, but she did an excellent job. Cooking. She has several recipes that she now can make on her own and would love it if I would hand my kitchen over to her. I would be happy to oblige, however, she's quite a messy cook and I'm not sure if I could look the other way. (I'm a bit obsessive about clean counters). M&M fan. I don't need to say anymore.

Catching her first fish at family camp...

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