Tuesday, August 2, 2011

The Adventures of Twiggy Bear: Who Knew?

O.K. I thought you all were my friends!  But you've been holding out on me.  You didn't tell me my parents own a boat!!!  Last week Mama B kept talking about Mr. Branch getting "the boat" ready to "take out" now that hot weather has finally arrived.  So Saturday the whole house was full of excitement as Mr. Branch "hooked up" and got gas.  The rest of us packed up food, water and sunscreen then headed outside.  Lo and behold, there was a boat in our driveway!  Now I know what they've been talking about.  I had seen a big, old green thing next to our house but I didn't know what it was.  Boy, did we have fun on that old boat.  The big Twigs and even Mr. Branch rode behind it in what they called a "tube".  They bounced and laughed for two hours.  Mama kept telling me to look at the big airplanes in the sky.  They were doing a show for the big boat races that were going on.  I can't wait until I'm grown up and can ride in the tube.

Twiggy Two started a new gymnastics program last night.  She is in the TOPS program which gets girls ready for team competition.  She really liked it and it probably won't be long before she moves up.  Mama B says she can already do all the stuff the other girls are working on.  Good for Twiggy Two!!!

Mama is waiting for an email from our agency.  They said they would be back in the office today.  She's trying hard to wait until at least tomorrow before sending an email asking for news.  I keep telling her that it takes time for people to get over jet lag and to organize any info they might have received.  She says she knows that but it doesn't help.  She'd like to just go help them organize!  After all, that's what she's good at.   Silly Mama!

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