Wednesday, February 24, 2010

I'm starting my twiggy updates with Twiggy Three since he has been at the forefront of our attention lately due to his hospital visit. More of that in a minute. The above photos are two of my favorites because they show him in at his utmost happiest. He can be quite goofy and loves to have the family laughing at him. He also loves, loves, loves to be tickled and wrestled with, hence the above photos where I was flipping him on my knees. I also love these photos because they remind me of his good days. He has given us a lot of difficult days over the years so the happy moments are cherished. Don't you just want to kiss that face?!

He is currently in kindergarten, gymnastics and Awana. I am attempting to teach him some piano, but he has a high frustration level so we keep lessons and practice time to brief spurts when he is interested. He excels in school and is loving learning to read. A couple of months ago his teacher did the kindergarten end of year tests with him and he scored nearly 100% on all of them. That's why he and I do a first grade curriculum in the mornings. He's a mama's boy until Daddy walks by with his tools, then it's "see ya later, mama" and off to do a man's job! He is very intrigued with how things work, and especially with changing battteries. It seems like every time I turn around he's got a screwdriver and is "checking" the batteries on something.

Now on to the hospital visit: A couple of weeks ago he woke up with extreme lethargy and was in and out of wakefulness, so off we went to ER. Discovered he had very low blood sugar and was admitted to be watched overnight. Since that time we have been monitoring his blood sugar levels and just had his follow up with his pediatrician yesterday. He and I also had an appointment with a Diabetes Educator this morning which encouraged me that I had been doing all the right things but gave me some additional resources to help us keep Twiggy Three's blood sugars at a good level. He does not have Diabetes, but his numbers are on the higher end. My main objective is to keep his carb intake consistent throughout his day so that his blood sugars stay the same. Highs and lows wear out cells over time and eventually can lead to diabetes. (I hope I said all this right...anyone out there who knows more than I do, please feel free to comment)

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